About us

Dentist Kjell Kärrbrink discovered that it was possible to analyze x-rays of the jawbone to determine if a person was at risk for osteoporosis or not and thus help prevent one of our major public diseases. At the age of 70, he decided it was time to commercialize his patent. The assignment was passed on to his grandson, Anton and the brothers Peder and Theodor Remman. Boneprox is the first of its kind to connect dental care to health care through preventive methods to improve the general public health based on dental x-rays. With our award-winning methods, patients retain control over their own health.

Team & Medical Team

Peder Remman
Peder RemmanCEO & Co-founder
Anton Kärrbrink
Anton KärrbrinkCTO & Co-founder
Theodor Remman
Theodor RemmanCSO & Co-founder
Kjell Kärrbrink
Kjell KärrbrinkDentist
Eirik Salvesen
Eirik SalvesenDentist, Specialist periodontology
Jenny Öhman
Jenny ÖhmanDentist, PhD - Oral Pathology and Medicine
Mats Säll
Mats SällDentist, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist